Empowering economic growth and job creation

KZN Funding Fairs


The KZN Funding Fair is a business initiatives across the province which provides an impetus for job creation in urban and rural areas.

The Fair aims to initiate and facilitate face-to-face contact between project promoters, entrepreneurs, business development bodies, venture capital and private equity investors as well as debt funders.

The KZN Funding Fair has grown to include the Business Funding Fair (originally the KZN Funding Fair), the SME Funding Fair and the Infrastructure Funding Fair.

Upcoming Fairs:

Business Funding Fair 9 June 2015, Durban
Infrastructure Funding Fair 2 July 2015, Durban
SME Funding Fair 25 February 2015, Richards Bay
27 May 2015, Margate
26 August 2015, Ladysmith
30 September 2015, Pietermaritzburg
28 and 29 October 2015, Durban